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Amazing Guide to Content Marketing Trends 2019

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The area of marketing in digital world is consistently evolving and thorough research is being done for getting better results. The trends keep on changing and getting updated every year. The field of content has always been in constant demand in digital marketing. The need of fresh thinkers is now a necessity as content should always be update on time to time basis.

The new authors have been creating exceptional content through blogs. It is quite evident that production of new content is getting along well with the users. The way of writing has been the same but the presentation part of it has changed with time. Now quality matters more than quantity as audience has now access to more content.

There are numerous trends on content marketing which are going to be prevalent in 2019. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Authenticity and Transparency: The world of digital marketing is becoming competitive. The value of being authentic and transparent works wonders. You can’t achieve better results without creating an authentic content. If you are providing details about your company, it should contain every aspect with fine details. The companies which are transparent in their approach, will have advantage over their competitors. Also, transparency helps in better communication with clients. There would not be any hindrance if valid information is provided.
  2. Content Personalization: Well as they say, a customer gets a bit more interested when the content is personalized in accordance to their needs and requirements. It also enables the users to relate themselves to the subject of the content. In order to personalize content, usage of words ‘you’ in the blogs or the website can be quite useful in this regard. Also, the customer type and location should be kept in consideration while creating piece of content.
  3. Use of Content Cluster: In 2019, long form of content is surely going to be important. The article that are over 1000 in length with respect to words will garner more viewership and users. The content cluster can be created which will help in taking out sub-points from a major topic. This can make the process of content creation a bit easier. All the blog posts can be linked to each other through hyperlinks.
  4. Use of Chatbots and AI: Chatbots help to give customized answers and messages to the customer in case of any query. The queries can then be used for creating better sales and leads. The use of artificial intelligence will make the content delivered on time. The time that will be taken to deliver content in chatbots will be much lesser and is customized as per the need. There are service providers which use chatbots in order to get details of users during the off-work timings. It helps in generation of better sales and leads.
  5. Create niche content: With the evolution of content, it should be made niche and very much pertinent to the topic. In order to make niche content, a proper research should be done to acquire more information on it. The users search a lot but click only when it fulfills the need. For e.g. If a content is made for Facebook, it can contain a call to action word but in case of Youtube, it would not be there.
  6. Social Media: With the increase in usage of smart phones, content is generally published for the first time on social media accounts. Instagram has become one of the most popular platform in terms of user base but LinkedIn is also growing in a similar fashion. In 2019, LinkedIn will be one of the most important social media platform for publishing content. Social media platforms are always bringing in new features which creates opportunities for publishing new content.
  7. Email Marketing: The marketing method adopted through sending E-mails has been a trend in the past few years and it is growing as well. Opening rates of E-mail has increased substantially over the past few years. The way E-mail marketing has gained recognition, it surely is a sign of trust people are having on E-mail marketing. This method of marketing can help to gain a good amount of leads.
  8. Voice Search: The trend of searching through voice has been on the increase through Google voice search. Invent of smart phone and voice search has increased the usage of search engines. This has made voice search much popular compared to conventional type of search. The content should be written in such a way that it is in coordination with how people speak.
  9. Original Content: The content that should be inserted should always be original and relevant. It should be in accordance with the needs of the users. Creating a piece of original content can be a bit time taking but it will surely help in increasing the viewers of that particular content.
  10. Educational Content: Educational content about products and services is going to be a trend this year for sure. It is important to educate the user first and then introduce them with the services. There are numerous websites which are adopting this method of providing education through blogs on latest topics.

We can see a constant improvement happening in technology which is surely playing a major role in the field of content. There is going to be a lot of possibility in the way a content can be published. Chances of new innovative platforms coming up are high where content will be displayed in a completely different manner. LinkedIn is the platform to look out for.

The language of content is totally dependent on the author. The ultimate objective of any article published should be to make it user friendly. No matter how good the content is in terms of length and grammar but it’s of no use if it doesn’t gather users. Just keep yourself well informed with content on different platforms and you can create better content. In all the major SEO and PPC campaigns, content plays a crucial role.


1. Content Marketing Trends 2019

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