digital marketing strategies for top ranking on SERP's

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies for Top Ranking on SERP’s

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Top Ranking on SERP is quite a vast and lengthy process and it can’t be done instantly. The experts in this field can make this process easier.  There are different strategies which can be put across for getting the website at top of the search list. There are certain practices which are considered to be ethical and good for SEO.

In the past, black hat SEO strategies were used for reaching the top of the ranking arena but these were bad practices. Google now keeps a proper check on black hat practices and doesn’t include websites which practice such things. The white hat practices are completely legal and are generally used by SEO service providers.

The common strategies which are used for top ranking on SERP’s are mentioned below:

  • Increase engagement level of the website: There are numerous techniques for making things engaging. The content inserted on the website should be of a nature that catches the eye of the user. However, it can be a bit tricky to know which content works well. The traffic data on your website can help you in this case.
  • Longer web pages: Web Pages can be expanded so that the information put in is very relevant and useful for the users. If all the information is at a single place then you can get better traffic and viewership of users. The content should be organized in such a systematic manner that it provides detail knowledge of the subject.
  • Improve site speed: Few years back, Google announced that site speed will be a ranking factor. Google has always emphasized on better site speed. However, there is no such exact time which defines “site speed“. Accelerated mobile pages are essential as most people browse the internet through mobile sites.
  • Build backlinks: Backlinks can’t be built immediately and it’s a lengthy process. However, it does help in ranking of your website. Low quality links don’t help in rankings. While building backlinks, make sure the links are of good quality. Google now keeps a constant check on quality of backlinks.

  • Technical optimization: The website should be optimized properly and made secure. You can switch to https for make your website safe. Https is the secure version of http. There are various crawler programs which helps you in making your website get crawled better.
  • Semantic markups: You can improve semantic markups of the website. It helps Google understand your website in a better way. Semantic markups are html tags which shows key information on your website.
  • Fix 404 errors: The 404 error means the web page doesn’t exist. This error is extremely common and it can hamper the existence of website. This error should be immediately repaired and proper measures should be taken that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Insightful Content: The content posted on the website, blog or for any other informative purpose should be precise and purposeful. The insights should be clearly mentioned with appropriate content. Providing insights can be a bit tricky sometimes.
  • List yourself on Google: Getting yourself listed on Google, will help you in achieving better rankings. The Google my business profile will bring in authority and whatever content is posted on the website will get better traffic. It also plays a big role in rankings.
  • Promote more: Creating content is one thing and promoting it is completely another. It is a better option to invest more time on promoting your content by sharing links on websites or social media platforms. 20% out of the total time can be given to creation of content and rest 80% promoting it.
  • Track progress: You can use the dashboard for the purpose of tracking the website details. The data related to pages which are most visible on SERP’s are visible on it.
  • Keyword rankings: The rankings related to keywords can be viewed through various tools such as moz and serpfox. These tools can be extremely helpful in knowing the exact status of how the keywords are performing.
  • Mobile bounce rate: Bounce Rate means how many visitors left the webpage quickly after coming on it.The bounce rate on mobile should be less as more than 50% of the traffic is coming from mobile. Visitors only stay on the websites when the pages upload quickly.
  • Domain authority: The domain authority predicts how well a website is ranking on the SERP. It can be increased by improving the SEO and inserting top class content in your website.
  • Guest blogging: Another successful method adopted for top ranking is blogging as a guest on reputed websites. There are various websites which allow guest posting. By contacting them, a blog post with good links can be created and posted on the website. It helps in backlinks and improving relevancy of website.
  • Quora marketing: This technique is very helpful in increasing your website traffic. You can answer queries and provide relevant information with a link to your blog/website. If you participate in 20 quora discussions daily, rankings will improve.
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis: Website optimization can’t be the only method for getting better rankings. Competitors should be analyzed and their website can be looked upon for creating better user interface. Taking cues from them, you can improvise your website.
  • Rich snippets: It is one of the important part of the SEO campaign. Rich snippets gives a sneak peak preview of the website. It helps in better engagement of users and also to achieve higher CTR.

There are numerous ways to increase rankings on the SERP. Some of the crucial and important methods have been discussed above. Well, there is not a certain way to climb the ladder in SEO. One of the method which is improving content will get you ahead. Now a days publishing useful content for the users gives a tremendous advantage.

No one really knows the actual parameters of rankings by Google. Although, experts of SEO use techniques by applying methods which they think is appropriate.  Almost all white label service providers have experts who handle the challenges of SEO really well.

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